Once upon a time on the Welsh Border...


"According to records kept, there was a small chapel in the Pound Lane about 1830, and by 1868 it became apparent that this one was too small for the attendance of people at that time..."


The Chapel was well-attended for many years until the 1970s when it became more of a meeting place, for the W.I., tea parties & other events. Eventually its former life came to an end, and it was sold and converted into a private dwelling.

The new chapel was built in 1869 using the skills, materials and labour of the local community. Then in 1932, a tiny tin chapel near Kington became redundant, this was dismantled and transported by horse & cart to be re-erected here as the Sunday School Room, at a cost of £35. 16s. 3d.  

It is tucked away in the hills a short way from the Powys Herefordshire border, but only 3.5 miles from the two small but thriving towns of Knighton & Presteigne, where there is lots going on. It is also on the bus route for a good local school at Wigmore. Although actually in Herefordshire it has a Welsh postal address.


A new chapter begins...   FOR SALE!

Look at the photos, read the information & make contact if you think this could be your kind of place...

Guide price £300.000

The Chapel needs a new owner, someone to take good care of this wonderful place.

To welcome the swallows each spring, to enjoy the antics of the resident starlings, the kites, buzzards & ravens, to coppice the ash trees to fuel the stove, bake bread in the clay oven, tend the sedum roof, and take the story forward...